My Pirate Name

I worshipped at Hope UCC in Naperville yesterday. The pastor is a friend of mine (funny how pastors seem to know other pastors, eh?) and I've wanted to visit there for a long time.
Hope has a very warm welcome -- and spirit-filled worship. During the sermon, I heard the question, "Why isn't being a Christian something dangerous?" The context was that we've grown complacent in our rebellious religion and we're no longer positive world-changers. We're just apathetic people who have no motivation to live out what being named a Christian means.

The sermon started with the pastor telling us what his pirate name is. I went to the site (click on the title of this entry) to find mine.

I think it started that way to get us thinking about acting like what we are. As followers of Jesus, we're not called to inaction -- but to share the good news. We're called to love others -- even if they make our skin crawl.

My pirate name is Calico Jack Cash.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes the movement is from within. No, not bowel. But, a movement (rebellious one) can start from within and slowly divert outward. I'm not sure our little church in Wheaton didn't have somewhat of a little rebellion recently. People left because of times of service and wanting to be a church for only an hour. Woship our God for more than an hour? "Outrageous" some say. But, the council stuck with their plan.

Kirk said...

I think the context of yesterday's sermon was about making a difference in the world by standing for justice and fairness. What you're describing sounds more like entitlements.