If You're Happy and You Know It

I figured out (Well, at least the basics) how to use my Dad's relatively new Fostex VF80 digital mixer/recorder/cd burner. He got it more than a year ago and hadn't spent any time learning it and I've had it with me for the last 3 months (Actually, I had it a year ago too, but never seemed to have the time to turn it on.) and I finally studied the manual, plugged it in and recorded a song.

It's the first of a planned 21 to go on my new children's record, called (insert title about a children's music record here.) I don't know what to call the record -- any suggestions?

Incidentally, though the songs will be on a CD (or maybe just online) you'd think that I couldn't call the whole project a "record." I know there will be no vinyl involved, but since "record" is simply a shortened and slang version for a recording, "record" is still, and shall ever be, correct.

Here's a link to the first song, "If You're Happy and You Know It."


Cassie said...

some possible titles:

"Play Da Music, Peez"

"Toddler Tunes"

"Clappin' with Kirk"

Kirk said...

Those are way better than "Kirk's Children's Music Record"