15 minutes

Yesterday this blog was featured in the Youth Specialties YS update for 3.22.06. For the day, web traffic here was 17x what it normally is. (Almost nobody usually goes here -- so there's still nothing to clog up blogspot.com's servers!) But for a day at least, I had a popular blog.

My wife said, "Please don't steal the songs and sell them like they were yours." (I say "Feel free to download and listen though!")

Speaking of songs, (WOW! What a great segue!) yesterday morning I recorded Mary Had a Little Lamb and Pop! Goes the Weasel. I learned the lyrics to Mary from a pre-school teacher and did my own research to find the most common lyrics for Pop! I actually recorded Mary in the morning and in the evening before I got a version that wasn't too terrible.

I also got to finish watching Walkout -- a new HBO film based on the 1968 East L.A. student protests. There's a line in the movie that says something like "If it isn't written in the history books, it didn't happen." I'm glad that this movie finally happened, because I don't think that most people know that these protests happened. I know I didn't. Sure, the movie isn't blockbuster or Oscar material, but it tells a story that gripped and moved me. I'm sure it will be on DVD before year's end for anyone who doesn't have HBO.


Bryan said...

i really enjoyed the video montage!!! i also enjoyed watching you try to fill a balloon with vinegar and baking powder. it was a nice attempt anyway


Kirk said...

Thanks! I'll make a few more segments before Palm Sunday!

Gman said...

And YES ..I'm waiting patiently for the new episodes. I already got Season 1 on DVD waiting for Season 2 to be released.

Kirk said...

So Jordan Collier has come back again from the future -- but what's his plan? (scary, ominous music . . . )