A New Kind of Green

The President of Wheaton College (Duane Litfin) Rick Warren (That purpose-driven dude), the Salvation army and a boatload of others are calling for the US government to be more, well, green.

Now we've got Democrats, the Religious Left and members of at least the moderate Religious Right (Many would say that means "Republican.") all asking for our government to take action to clean up.

Of course, there is disagreement from the further right. Chuck Colson, James Dobson and others say that it would be too expensive and that it would raise prices, thereby hurting the poor.

I believe that there is room for faithful people to disagree -- I also believe the argument that says "We can't afford to respect the environment because it will hurt the poor" isn't about the poor at all. It's about another kind of green that the rich like to keep.

We can make changes without hurting the poor. It'll just require that the rich take more green to go green.

I wonder what the President and a Vice President will do now?

Maybe I don't wonder.

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