Is anyone watching?

OK -- I've watched a little

The Bobsled and the Luge are pretty exciting

Those ice-dancing falls remind me of the Jason Priestly Saturday Night Live sketch from 1992 that showed him falling again and again and again (ooohhh!)

But I'm afraid I, like many others, am not watching much at all.

Congratulations to all the athletes -- I admire your abilities and your determination. I'm sorry I'm not watching too much.

I'm also not watching American Idol -- so there.


Peter said...

I am! In fact, Vonetta Flowers, from my home town of Helena, AL is on the US women's bobsled team again this year after bringing home the first Gold medal ever won by an African-American in the '92 winter games. (Between her and Bo Bice, Helena turns out more than its share of celebs!)

Kirk said...

Vonetta, Bo and Peter -- Y'all should do lunch -- and be sure to have an Eipersbrau!