State of the Union

ABC news had this opportunity to give a state of the union speech. I found out about it today so I scrambled and sent them this.

(Here's the text I wrote quickly)

  • Hello People of the United States -- and to everyone watching in your own great countries
    I like where I live. I have a wonderful family, a nice home, a great job and I think I have a pretty positive outlook on life.
  • I don’t always think the same about my country.
  • To be fair -- it isn't any more my country than your country. And I think that many of you have a similar opinion about your family, home, job and outlook on life.
  • And I am sure that many of you see things differently.
  • We have too many people living in poverty here in the United States. We have to do better serving the poorest among us. I propose expanding programs that serve the poor -- to be sure everyone has the basic necessities of life. And to help people to be able to do better than " just the minimum" too.
  • We have too many people living in poverty throughout our world. We have to do better serving everyone who doesn't have enough to eat, a place to live or a way to provide for themselves and their families. I propose that we expand our funding to organizations throughout the world who serve others. We have enough food and money to make a huge difference. It's time we stopped acting selfish (while calling it taking care of our own) and stood up for justice and kindness all over the world.
  • We have too much corruption in our government. We have to do better at simply being honest. I propose that we end the reign on high-powered lobbyists and instead think long and hard about what is just and fair when we make laws and establish policy.
  • But speaking of laws and policies -- we spend too much time arguing about things and not enough time getting things done. I propose we get the democrats and the republicans together -- find out what we all agree on, and start doing things that help us get better. All the arguments and posturing and complaining about people who have different ideas about how to make us a better country only succeeds in making us worse. Let's start with what we can agree on and I know that we'll be able to do far more.
  • We can do far better in our country in many others things. We can stop making up clever slogans that deliver mostly red tape and frustration and instead establish real, researched and supported programs that educate our children. We can stop making a tax system that gives the majority of entitlements and tax breaks to the richest among us and we can re-establish something known as a balanced budget for our government.
  • We can stop assuming that we hold the corner on all things good and right and instead establish a plan for how we're going to live in peace with each other instead of flexing our missiles every time we get frightened.
  • And we can learn to treat one another with kindness -- something I think we've somehow forgotten.
  • We have a great country. We have a great world. It's not in a particularly great state right now -- but we can do better. Let's do better together.
  • Thank you.

What would you say?

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