Discipleship is Costly

I just finished reading the message the Rev. John Thomas, President and General Minister of the United Church of Christ, shared with the Connecticut Conference on May 15.

He talked about the things the UCC will debate and decide a position on thus summer. Some of the issues include Gay Marriage and the Support of Israel and Palestine. He acknowledged that no matter what the denomination decides, there will be many people who feel like the decision was wrong and that as a result of the decision -- they will feel like exiles.

He said that whenever we make difficult decisions that grace and love must come with those decisions because there will always be those who do not think the decisions were the correct ones. We must, as a church, continue to show love for all -- not just the people we agree with.

Here's a great paragraph from Rev. Thomas' message:

Discipleship is costly, even as it is joyful, and we will need to carefully weigh the cost - all the costs - for there will be costs no matter how we decide. But if we are committed to God's mission, if we believe that mission matters, we will not shrink from these hard questions of citizenship, for they touch the very heart of the Gospel.

May we all be committed to God's mission -- and to the very heart of the Gospel.

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