I really don't like the filibuster

I understand that it gives more strength in debate to those who are in the minority.

But it really comes off as people who can't get their way whining until the other people give in.

Do you know what I dislike more than the filibuster?

Name calling

"If you don't agree with me, then you are obviously against people of faith"
(I'm paraphrasing a little -- yet today there is an event that is sending that message)

Come, Holy Spirit -- fill us with God's love,


traci said...

hmm... interesting thoughts... it seems like you are saying "i don't like the filibuster because people look like whiners" (fair, though i disagree with you) and also "those who are making it into an 'attack on people of faith' have it all wrong" (i definitely agree with that.) that places you in an interesting position whereby the majority should plow forward (without name calling) and the minority should accept what they decide (without whining.) sounds nice, but these are federal judges -- they will be around for years and years, and the policies they propagate will affect the direction of the country in very real (possibly dangerous) ways. that's why people are "whining." just some thoughts...

Kirk said...

I believe that the majority does have the ability to move forward with things when they have the majority of the votes to do that. Just because I don't agree with the majority doesn't mean that the majority of the voters, or senators, or other congress people shouldn't be able to make decision. I don't like the filibuster when it works to my political leaning's advantage or disadvantage