Child Left Behind

I'm not sure what to make of this. . .

"No Child Left Behind" is getting some slight changes made to it. Education Secretary Margaret Spellings thinks that currently NCLB doesn't have a good view of the 'big picture' in education -- whether students are learning -- when it comes to enforcement of NCLB.

First of all: Duh

Second: I still think it is criminal to create a law, call it something, then demand enforcement of the law while cutting funding and other resources for the programs that teach the things that the law demands be taught.


traci said...

I totally agree with this post. (obviously.) i was sitting at the breakfast table looking at my daily blogs and said "guys, listen to this" and i read the first paragraph of your entry. before i got to what comes after "first of all" my roommate julie blurted out "duh!" It seems that we're all on the same wavelength.

steve said...

Agreed. Children's Defense Fund's M.W.Edelman originally coined the slogan 'Leave No Child Behind', but her phrase was hijacked by the current administration.




the bottom of the last link shows how we can contact our representatives to hold the administration accountable for empty unfunded mandates.
Keep up the good work.

Kirk said...

The first two links don't work -- the Children's Defense Fund site can get you to all the information steve is referring to, I think