Prophetic Words

Yesterday when I was sitting in the "Pastor who is listening to the sermon" seat, the pastor who was preaching said something profound -- even though he set it up as a sort of humorous moment.

One time he said, "Prophetic words are prophetic words even from the mouth of a heathen!"

The second time he said, "True words are true even when they come from the mouth of a heathen!"

I remember hearing another pastor say, "God owns the world, and God's words can come from anything in God's world." (Or something pretty close to that. As a matter of fact, when it comes to verbatim quoting, I'm sorry that my memory is not that exact in many cases. The pastors said exactly what I quoted or something that is really, really close.)

I wonder what prophetic words I'll hear and from where and when?


traci said...

This is a cool post. It gives me comfort because one of the most prophetic books I read this year was called "Empire" by Antonio Negri and Michael Hardt. Michael Hardt came to PTS and said that he considers himself an athiest, but it's curious to him how Christians keep coming up to him, amazed that he doesn't believe in Christ, and asking him how someone who claims not to have faith in God, let alone Jesus, would be able to say such revolutionary, amazing things that sound an awful lot like building the kingdom of God...

traci said...

PS, that was the craziest run-on ever. sorry about that. :)