God's Politics

I just finished reading God's Politics. It's a REALLY long book -- and I haven't ever been much of a book reader. But what a book! Wait a minute -- I take that back. As books go (like I would really know or have any qualifications as a book critic) it's not that great. Lots of repetition and it seems to be a repackaging of lots of similar thoughts the author (Jim Wallis) has had over the past few years. But as I continued to read through the repetition of stories and ideas I found myself continually saying (in my head, mind you -- I think to myself but don't often do it out loud . . . not that it would be a bad thing if I did . . .) "That is so right! I completely agree with it and why wouldn't almost EVERYONE agree also? Who can argue that God calls everyone to be sure that people have food, shelter and dignity? I hope you'll take the next few weeks (it took me that long) to read this book.

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